How to Find the Right General Contractor

Posted by Amy Mahjoory // November 10, 2015

How to Find the Right General Contractor Rehabbing can be one of the most excruciating experiences if you don’t hire the right professionals for the job.   You simply cannot do it all on your own – a strong general contractor will successfully manage subcontractors, keep your project in budget and meet deadlines. Follow the tips […]

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Budget-Friendly Rehab

Posted by Amy Mahjoory // October 20, 2015

Want to boost the value of your property, but you don’t think you have money or time to complete a rehab project?  Solution: budget-friendly rehabbing.   Below are some easy tips you can follow to increase the value of your property for selling or renting while staying within your budget. Change the Switch Plates: One of the easiest […]

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The Right Way To Do A Basement Excavation

Posted by Amy Mahjoory // March 23, 2015

In the past, most homeowners have chosen to leave their basements as they are; dark, dingy and musty. As much as many people would rather leave the basement unused -because let’s face it, basement renovating sounds like a lot of work-, today’s homeowners are seeing the potential in excavating and turning their creepy old basements […]

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Before and After: 2672 N Halsted #1 W.

Posted by Amy Mahjoory // March 9, 2015

It wasn’t much of a looker before, but wait till you see the after! Lots of damage was done to the unit due to flooding. We kept the frame and brought in new drywall for just about every wall. As Amy explains an our before video, we were able to save the appliances and reuse […]

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Video: 3224 W Belle Plaine Ave Before and After

Posted by Amy Mahjoory // February 23, 2015

A few weeks back we featured one of 3224 W Belle Plaine Avenue’s bedrooms as our popular “Get The Look” post in Get The Look: How To Decorate A Bed You Want To Dive Into. It was difficult to choose the room that would make the cut, because, well, have you seen the pictures? The […]

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Home Improvements That Are So 2015

Posted by Amy Mahjoory // February 16, 2015

Did home improvements make your resolution list this year? If so then we have the top four home improvements that are so 2015! New Chevron wallpaper? That was so last year. This year home improvements that put the environment first are all the rage! 1. Solar Energy Solar panels have been on the market for […]

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Real Estate Investors: Is 2015 Your Year?

Posted by Amy Mahjoory // February 9, 2015

As we dive into a brand-new year what can we (as investors) expect? As with any industry there is constant growth happening in all aspects of real estate, so here is what you should consider before you set out to conquer another new year. Though the media is generally less than enthusiastic about the ever-changing […]

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What Are Younger Homebuyers Looking For?

Posted by Amy Mahjoory // February 2, 2015

Whether you’re a seller, investor, agent or lender, you need to know what the newest wave of young homebuyers is looking for. The better you understand young homebuyers the better you’ll be able to understand and navigate the changes in the real estate market, including your local market. Affordable Living Costs Everyone is looking for […]

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5 Housing Markets That Are Likely To Do Well For Themselves In 2015

Posted by Amy Mahjoory // January 26, 2015

With each new year comes new possibilities for the real estate market. We’ve recently seen new growth in places like Kansas City and Nashville, but what cities will be popular in 2015? We’ve got the scoop on the top five housing markets to watch in 2015. 1. Boston- The city of Boston (the capitol of […]

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Making The Most Of Your Backyard

Posted by Amy Mahjoory // January 19, 2015

One of our newly finished projects (3224 W Belle Plaine Ave.) gives us the perfect opportunity to talk about making the most out of your backyard. This property fits snugly into its family-friendly, cozy neighborhood- as does its backyard. The reality is that most homeowners don’t have acres and acres of land that make up […]

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