Our Team

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Amy Mahjoory
Founder and President of Blue Ink Homes

amy-mahjoory-presidentAmy Mahjoory is the founder and president of Blue Ink Homes, a real estate investing company based in Chicago, IL. Prior to creating Blue Ink Homes, Amy earned her BA in Supply Chain Management from Michigan State University and her MBA in Operations Management from St. Edward’s University. For 14 years, Ms. Mahjoory worked for Dell Incorporated in Austin, TX where she became a highly recognized global leader with focus on Procurement, Logistics and Operations Management. Amy’s success can be attributed, in large part, to her team-building talents and cutting-edge business systems. She focuses on surrounding herself with some of the most dynamic and dedicated mentors, employees and investors. Amy is an expert real estate investor, businesswoman, entrepreneur, author, TV personality, national real estate coach and motivational public speaker. Blue Ink Homes takes a lot of pride in going above and beyond by improving every neighborhood that they work in and Amy’s number one goal is to provide the absolute highest level of service to her clients.

Heather Rizzo
Director of Operations of Blue Ink Homes

heather-rizzo-director-of-operationsShe manages 100% of the day to day activity and ongoing projects for Blue Ink Homes. Most of Heather’s time will be spent reviewing and evaluating business procedures ranging from business expenses to real estate assets. Heather brings a wealth of real estate knowledge and experience to the team as she has actively been working in the industry since 2008!




Erika B. Jumalon
Office Manager of Blue Ink Homes

erika-b-jumalon-operations-managerErika is a Business Administration Graduate with a Major in Management and has been working in the real estate industry since 2010. She works closely with the team in systematizing and streamlining business operations.


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