The Value

The Value

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Of course your house is valuable no question about it. A house is one of man’s most valuable possessions. This is the place you called home and the place you had most of your firsts; your first child’s birthday, your child’s first step and even probably the place where you had your first argument or first heartache. Your house is valuable but this may not be as valuable to others as it is to you.

The questions as to how valuable others look at your house does not really come in play until suddenly you are faced with the decision of having to sell your home. It could be because you need to move to another city or that your family is growing bigger and you needed a bigger house that can accommodate all of you or perhaps you just want to be in a new place. Whatever your reasons of getting rid of your house is not really the main concern of most potential buyers- what they want to know is how the house has been maintained well buy its owners and how the current market values it.

The following are some of the things you can do to add and maintain value to your homes.
Clean your house now and profit later.

Having a clean home gives you so many benefits but it is not only limited to health advantages. The phrase that you only get one shot at first impression is true that’s why you must maintain the cleanliness of your home. When a buyer enters a home that is smelly or dusty and not well kept, that’s not a good impression. Although there will be renovations that can be done by future owners, how it is being maintained by existing owner is a factor homebuyers consider in choosing which house to buy.

Painting is not so painful.

Compared to total upgrade of your house, painting that not cost too much pain to your wallet. Plus, this is by far the fastest way to increase the value of your home but this becomes costly when not done correctly. So to avoid spending a lot on paint, it is better to start slowly than doing it impulsively. Always remember that remodeling or upgrading homes is not a sprint but a marathon. Start painting those that needs new paint and then gradually those that you want to change color or enhance color.

Access to garden.

We know that a hotel room with a view is more expensive than one without. The same goes to valuation of houses, by making your garden accessible and enjoyable form the house will add value to it. You can also install glass doors or outdoor lighting to stage your garden.

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