Hiring a Home Stager

Hiring a Home Stager

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If you don’t have the time and the talent in making your house ready and presentable to potential buyers, hiring a stager might be your best option. But you must be careful in choosing the right person to hire because not everyone does what they say they do and you don’t want to end up hiring another one just because the one you previously hired did not meet your expectations. Here are some of the things you must consider before hiring a stager:

1. Know the difference. Home stagers are not realtors. It is important that you know the distinction between the two to avoid a situation where expectations are not met. Realtors are one who will assist you in marketing your house to selling it including the legalities while the stagers are those hired to visually market your home.

2. Find one that is trusted. It is important that the person you will hire as stager is one who does a great job. Talk to your realtors or your friends who have sold a house and used stagers and get some advice as to the best stager you can hire. If you have enough time to be picky then do so and only hire someone whom you think best fit in what you need of a stager.

3. Setting expectations. During your first consultation with the stager you have to ask questions such as the cost of the staging and whether or not the stager will use existing furniture. Ask how much they charge and whether it’s by room or by level. These are important so as to avoid misunderstandings especially in the middle of showing your house to potential buyers. It is also important that you ask the stager of what must you do to keep the staged condition of the house. This is especially important if you live in the same house where maintaining its staged condition is a challenge.

4. Having a choice is better. Do not limit yourself to one stager especially when you have enough time. Interview and talk to as many stagers as you can and find our what they can do to stage your house. Then choose the stager who can give your house the best visual for your buyers.

5. Vacant house costs more. You have to remember this. When you are trying to sell a vacant house, know that it costs more, as the stager has to put in furniture to make it presentable. Talk to your stager whether you have to purchase or rent furniture or if they have their own inventory and how much it will cost you.

The above are just some of the important things you must consider before hiring a stager. Statistic shows that staging will make your house sell quicker so it is important that you choose the right stager.

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