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“Amy has been a fantastic example of what the Mastery community represents. With a full time day job she proves that passion and work ethic creates results. Her commitment to personal development and education is unmatched and shows in the results she has produced in such a short period. I know Amy’s example has helped elevate and inspire the Fortune Builders team and our Mastery students across the country”
Paul Esajian
Co-Founder of FortuneBuilders and CFO of CT Homes
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“Amy made a terrific first impression and continues to impress me the more that I know her. She is driven to succeed in the best possible way – with the perfect combination of passion, commitment and heart. Amy is bright and focused on achieving goals and surpassing those goals to get to the next level.Her level of energy and enthusiasm is a wonderful asset, and her professionalism is greatly appreciated”

Laura Patterson
Producer / Director @ Pie Town Productions









“You did such a fabulous job with the place. It’s spectacular. I see the property’s in the best possible hands. My wife and son were both amazed when they saw the video. It was terribly sad and happy for me to see my father’s place so differently. I’m very happy for you. Congratulations”

Fred Sasaki
Seller – 3200 N Lake Shore Dr #510

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