Remedies to make your small house appear bigger

Remedies to make your small house appear bigger

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Most of the apartments in the urban areas are becoming smaller as the cost of rentals go up each year. We envision house as the place where we can go home to and relax but how would you be able to relax when you go home to a cramped space? How can you not make your house cramped? You think it’s impossible because you have a small house? Think again. Smaller house can still be cozy and spacious. Here are some tips you can use to make your small house appear spacious.

  1. Using light colors for your walls, floors and ceiling make your room appear bigger compared to using darker colors. Just like how a woman wants to look smaller in a black dress, a house with darker color paint will also appear or look smaller.
  1. Creating an illusion of space by putting or positioning your furniture a little bit away from the wall compared to pulling it closest to the wall to the point of it touching the wall. By putting a gap in between the wall and the furniture will trick the eyes into thinking rooms are less cramped.
  1. Furniture with storage features. Instead of buying bulky furniture with no other purpose but as decorative, why not buy one that serves its aesthetic purpose and at the same item allows you to maximize the use of the space in your house.
  1. Mirrors that are strategically placed in a house make a spacious feel.
  1. Instead of buying big storage cabinets, why not install small shelves to add more storage space for your stuff? Shelves may be installed in your bedroom, bathroom or even in your kitchen.
  1. Foldable furniture. It you do not have furniture yet for you house, find those that are foldable that way when they are not in use you can just fold it to save space.
  1. Natural light. By bringing inside your house natural light will make your house appear larger. If you do not have access to natural light, you may use lighting fixture. This little addition brings your house to appear larger and more spacious.


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